Using the Smart Readiness Matrix for IIoT acceleration

Catalysing the transformation of your manufacturing then you need to take a good, hard look at Singapore’s Smart  Industry Readiness Matrix. It has such good organizing sense around it, as its value for accelerating your IIoT journey in the 4th Industry Revolution. 

I think the Prioritization Index will be highly welcome to organize around, for all organizations grappling with the complexities and challenges 4IR requires, not just in Asia but for all organizations anywhere in the world.

For example, if a Siemens, Bosch, Rockwell or Schneiders Electric etc., that all have some incredibly talented engineers or sales representatives, still can struggle to fully communicate the Industry 4.0 story that is framework really helps get everyone on the same page to take the dialogue and any implementation forward. Continue reading “Using the Smart Readiness Matrix for IIoT acceleration”

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The six symptoms of digital transformation purgatory- are they actually behind us?

The six symptoms of digital transformation purgatory have been around us for years. Yet with the shock of 2020 and the Corona Virus’s effects, are they safely viewed in the rear mirror? Are we cruising in digital high gear getting our industrial businesses seamlessly moving along the transforming roadmap?

The companies seemingly have the enthusiasm and the biggest imperative possible to change in 2020. They really understood the need to digitally transform but are we as stuck in the six essential parts that always need fully resolving?

 I want to question have we overcome these six parts of digital transformation purgatory?
Continue reading “The six symptoms of digital transformation purgatory- are they actually behind us?”

Shocks, Gaps and Integration

Digital & technology are putting huge pressure on manufacturing to change; promising fast, responsive product realization, demanded by customers as a major compelling reason to change.

That need to fully automate the processes, with the spectre hanging over you of “this is essential to stay in the competitive race”.

But nothing really changes at speed without crisis and the Coronavirus has presented the storm of all storms in accelerating the digitally connected factory. Continue reading “Shocks, Gaps and Integration”

Clarifying the impact of the Industrial IOT- knowing your specific outcome needs.


This Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) promises to be transformative, it will change the basis of competition and through this the basis of how we measure ourselves.

  • The world will improve its operational efficiency in dramatically different ways (time, asset-utilization) though more predictive maintenance and increasingly remote management.
  • We will become far more comfortable with connected ecosystems, forming around software platforms that will break down and blur traditional industry and working boundaries.
  • We will see increased collaboration between humans and machines, and even machines to machines, which will shift productivity into a new realm – which we need to understand, so as to capitalise on the potential this offers.
  • Lastly, we are rapidly moving to the outcomes economy, fuelled by software-driven services, innovation built into the hardware, and the increased visibility into products, processes, location, customers and partners.

It is in this last shift, of outcomes, we need to build our measurements and metrics around.

So do we recognize the different outcomes to build our transformation business case around? Evaluating different outcomes: Continue reading “Clarifying the impact of the Industrial IOT- knowing your specific outcome needs.”

Siemens SPS Dialog

There is no fitting way than to re-launch this posting site focusing on “Connecting Digital and Innovation: Building a new integrated IIoT innovation engagement platform” than attending today’s (26th November 2020) virtual event by Siemens through their Digital Industries business group.

The event was, for me, the best virtual event of this very strange and weird year we have all been caught up in. By being virtual the insights provided has advanced my understanding of what is being offered in Siemens Digital solutions significantly. Continue reading “Siemens SPS Dialog”