Innovation Formula- Intensity and Purpose

The Innovation Accelerator Model Formula by Agility Innovation

The innovation accelerators model – I often am coming back to this as the formula for building intensity into your innovation activity.

I have been arguing that you can have a unique model for some time. I think the way I have it structured is it is a formula for an innovation acceleration model.

I think it is worth working through, it seems to move with the times of what we need to focus upon.

Building an innovation framework that has real capabilities at its heart. Pop over and have a quick read, it breaks it down into its constituent parts

I have worked on a formula SCA = II + OC + EE + MLC + RNE for this.

Sustainable Competitive Advantage (SCA) comes from the combining effects of the following:

  • II Innovation Intensity– its degree of adoption, the investments made, the multiple levels of activities and the focus of the intensity given to building capabilities to innovate.
  • EE Entrepreneurial Energies– this os more on how you set about, promote and generate the internal environment as entrepreneurial to enable innovation in all its different forms to take hold and be seen as a learning environment people want to get involved with as they can readily identify with.
  • MLC Market Learning Competence– these give a clearer awareness of what and where to acquire from and then take the market lessons from. The key need is to orientate always towards, and generally get to the heart of, where innovation takes place- in the marketplace and with your customers, knowing their real needs and also figuring out their unmet ones also!
  • OC Organizational Learning– knowing the differences in the different ways of learning by linking the different intellectual capitals and combining the complementary assets needed to make them more dynamic.
  • RNE- Relationship & Networking Effects– the supporting and enhancing aspects of making greater connections, collaborations and exchanges so as to speed up the process of innovation, reduce or contain costs and enhance your understanding through these external relationships and getting closer to knowing where latent knowledge lies, to assist and share this internally for greater impact and result for all.

I would encourage you to think through this, work it around in your own situation, experiment and see where you can apply it.

It can provide a powerful catalyst to get everyone working at the critical parts of the formula and it is easy to remember.

Author: @paul4innovating

A transition advocate for innovation, ecosystems and the energy and IIoT systems

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