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There is no fitting way than to re-launch this posting site focusing on “Connecting Digital and Innovation: Building a new integrated IIoT innovation engagement platform” than attending today’s (26th November 2020) virtual event by Siemens through their Digital Industries business group.

The event was, for me, the best virtual event of this very strange and weird year we have all been caught up in. By being virtual the insights provided has advanced my understanding of what is being offered in Siemens Digital solutions significantly.

The event was recorded and presently on-demand where you can choose to watch all the sessions at any time. Simply sign up, a link will be sent as confirmation and away you go. They offer a really good virtual showroom full of innovations, product presentations and use cases are exhibited in an exciting real 3D environment. I gather this on-demand is for a very limited time. mores the pity!

Also if you want to make an appointment you can still schedule individual bilaterals with the Siemens experts and pick up or chat on a topic with Sales and knowledge experts and learn more about all their innovative solutions for your problems, challenges and needs.

Cedrik Neike (@NeikeCedrik) recently took over as CEO of the Digital Industries division and the main board representative for this business group within Siemens AG, following his recent position as the mainboard representative for Siemens Smart Infrastructure. He provided a really useful context to where we are in so many complex challenges, even well-before Covid-19 and what and how Siemens has risen to the challenges in ever-closer collaborations with their clients

Cedrik made a really clear opening point in his CEO keynote: “two things will help us here: open and intensive cooperation in ecosystems. And digitalization and automation – combined with cutting-edge technologies to use data even more intelligently”. Siemens have each of these aspects in abundance.

They have been focusing on building their ecosystems consistently for years and the exceptional focus on the needs to deliver Industry 4.0 have been through making all things (IIoT) both digital and far more automated.

The Siemens Digital Industries Portfolio covered in this event

The event covered four and a half hours and was superbly executed in the virtual room, that alone is worth appreciating on what can be achieved.

Markus Edholm, the head of Marketing for Digital Enterprises nicely framed the part of the events needs to achieve, not just in what Siemens offers but in what clients want ” What’s on your agenda? Flexibility? Speed? Quality? Most likely it’s all of it, making it a really complex situation. It’s time to manage this complexity and turn challenges into opportunities – with the Digital Enterprise”

There were forty-plus experts and contributors to this event. Each had short, sharp and clear focus areas. By working through the agenda you can find and select the aspects that either interest you, those of us highly curious or solutions that will help overcome problems. Of course, those that are really technical nerds you will get a lot out of this event as well.

The list of short introductions covered off these topics in presentations, in the virtual showroom and having the designated experts available.

These covered essential needs of the IIoT word, on additive manufacturing, motion controls, artificial intelligence, flexible autonomous kitting (a new one for me).

Also, it covered the more known aspects of Siemens digital offerings of industrial IT as a service with Siemens Mindsphere, the central part that Digital Twins are playing in designing, exploring and extending the physical world

Finally how CyberSecurity is absolutely critical. As you can see from this view there was much more covered across the extensive Siemens digital and physical portfolio.

I got intrigued by walking through a digital brewery and then worrying over the needs of Industrial IoT in Santa’s Chocolate Factory with the issue of “How does Santa manage to deliver sweet presents to everyone right on time?”. Find out in those two sessions.

We were also reminded of how Siemens not only offers important components for power distribution but also add these components to a system in the critical interface between production and energy.

For me, they got me hooked in so many of the sessions. As I within my business offering, where I attempt to combine Innovation, Ecosystems, IIoT and Energy as my core focus,  I certainly find it so hard to keep up to date without a lot of help, and constant research. Having an event like this one that compresses so much gave me such a lot of value into accelerating my own understanding of all that ticks under the Siemens DE bonnet.

I came away really impressed and I although I have been involved for nearly three years within their Siemens Influencer community of #SIEx, this was without a shadow of a doubt, one event that accelerated my understanding and awareness at a rate of digital bites that gave me so many extra insights. They, Siemens, raised the bar here.

The links again to the Siemen virtual SPS Dialog, you will not be disappointed, available I understand only until next Tuesday, 1st December 2020 .


Author: @paul4innovating

A transition advocate for innovation, ecosystems, and digitalization for the energy and IIoT systems

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