My View

There so many multiple strands that need constantly pulling together to build a complete innovation picture. We need to build theories, explore multiple connections, build continuously on the patterns, the signals, the interactions by extracting from all the different ‘cells’ of knowledge we all possess, that makes the application of innovation often highly unique, to each of us. Innovation ‘speaks to us all in different ways and have multiple meanings

Then when we have a grasp of what we think, we have to translate these thoughts into practical, workable solutions. By sharing, you learn and continue to build on this knowledge. You actually blend both your own creation and you learn from others and that combination effect curates for a greater knowledge and application.

To build a comprehensive view of any innovation “need” is bringing together multiple strands of understanding

We can jump in and learn from experiement and straight-forward learning, burning up our precious time and resource. Or, we can step back, just a little, and try to absorb an understanding of innovation that builds our capability, capacity and competence to innovate.

There is not one “magic” reference point,  simply one book to refer too, or certainly one visual that solves our need. We do need to simply go on our personal innovation journey, one that is not constantly looking back in the rear-view mirror but one that is taking a future forecasting approach. One that projects out in new, exciting and different ways.

I want to share my journey, its different experiences and understanding points. From this “collective” thoughts you might gain your additional insight or understanding, I hope so as it is “connecting innovation” up makes it powerful. Innovation delivers impact in new thinking, ideas, concepts and ways to present something new.

Lets start by one of the best framing techniques I know to help you

If we take the three horizon framework even as a starting point then we can begin to build out, beyond our realities of today, into the possibilities of tomorrow, based on recognizing this is the era of connected innovation, linking what we know with what others can contribute and combine to deliver greater value solutions.

Three Horizon Practice Steps A great foundation source on the 3H