We are seeing the growing importance of B2B collaborations in any IIoT solution

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We are seeing the growing importance of B2B collaborations in any IIoT solutions based on platforms

Over the next decade, one of the most prominent aspects of digital transformation will be the creation of vast, interconnected ecosystems enabled by industrial B2B platforms. They can do this by enabling the “outcome economy”, which will reshape how industries are defined, how ecosystem participants interact, how stakeholders’ needs are met, and how value is created and shared. Continue reading ” We are seeing the growing importance of B2B collaborations in any IIoT solution”

A new cycle of innovation design

We really do have this compelling need to have a new cycle of innovation design.

A more integrated solution that takes our understanding of innovation and how to manage it, into the realms of ecosystems and platforms in its design and thinking.

To achieve this we need to recognize a significant change we must undertake in our present innovation management. We need to open up our thinking to embrace a new era of digital innovation

Does it make sense? You judge as you read.

Extract what makes sense for you, explore where there are thoughts that can be applied to your current innovation set up. Just remember a new innovative design needs to be radical, totally connected, and resource-rich. Continue reading “A new cycle of innovation design”

Exploring the criteria for collaborative innovation



The shape of our collaboration activities has been radically changing in recent years. The combination of technology, the internet, resource constraints and opening up of innovation to the outside world has changed the shape and content of conversations. Shaping conversations can be either intentional or through serendipity. Ideas are usually never fully formed but emerge over these conversations from fragments that need nurturing, encouraging, aligning and developing through ongoing conversations. Often the fragments need a wider network to come together and form around.

sharpen-ideas-quicklyThe push today is the ability to sharpen the ideas quickly and move into some early testing and validation, ideally with the final customer somehow engaged and then from this ‘interaction’ the idea shapes and its final understanding deepens onto a concrete delivery. There is a growing need for more radical, out of the existing box innovation to tap into. Collaborators help here. Continue reading “Exploring the criteria for collaborative innovation”

Balancing fluidity and stability

I would argue for new management practices that need to be evolved to deal with digital, disruption and rapidly changing conditions on a consistent basis. Our high levels of rigidity and linear thinking need changing

One of the most critical ones is the degree of fluidity we can achieve in ourselves and our organizations, this will significantly help us to adjust to a changing world, more dynamic, requiring us to be constantly adaptive, with information coming at us at an ever-increasing speed, that needs assimilating, transforming and embedding as new knowledge. Continue reading “Balancing fluidity and stability”

Innovation Formula- Intensity and Purpose

The Innovation Accelerator Model Formula by Agility Innovation

The innovation accelerators model – I often am coming back to this as the formula for building intensity into your innovation activity.

I have been arguing that you can have a unique model for some time. I think the way I have it structured is it is a formula for an innovation acceleration model.

I think it is worth working through, it seems to move with the times of what we need to focus upon.

Continue reading “Innovation Formula- Intensity and Purpose”